Industrial Internet: an opportunity cannot ignore


From voice assistants like Amazon and Siri that can turn your coffee machine on while you take a shower, to smart fridges that can cleverly detect if you’re running low on milk, consumers today are exposed to a vast-array of technologies, and this is striking a new connection between brands and consumers.
However, the pervasiveness of connected machines is not just prevalent in the home. Businesses too can leverage IoT, particularly Industrial IoT (IIoT) devices, to help drive greater efficiencies, increase competitiveness and develop new business models. Many manufacturers are already using IIoT to get a holistic view of their operations, but there is a huge opportunity to use these sensors for commerce that is often overlooked or missed.
It’s time to revamp your B2B commerce strategy and realise the full potential of IIoT outside of automation, safety and predictive sales. Below are some of the trends and benefits to consider:

Enable buyers to reorder supplies with a touch of a button
Utilise the powers of IIoT in preventative maintenance
Shift towards ‘Data-as-a-Service’
Embrace the future of IoT for manufacturers: the servitisation model

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